We are right on the lake of Castelnau de Mandailles, providing us with breath-taking views and plenty of opportunity for water activities.

With just a few steps you can jump in the water for a refreshing swim or in a canoe for a scenic tour.


The water of our lake is very clean and an absolute joy to swim in.


You can use our canoes free of charge to go on an adventure exploring our lake and the stillness it invokes within.


Just from our terrain you can go for a walk along the windy path up the river. When you prefer to go for a real hike you can find many trails in our area, many of which are part of the Camino Santiago de Compostella.


What’s more adventurous than experiencing the countryside by horse? We can organize a tour for you to explore the forest and rolling hills of the aubrac.


Being a nature reserve our area is raw, lush and green. It’s a true paradise for bird lovers. An amazing number of birds populates the area including; woodpeckers, owls, hoopoes, falcons, buzzards, eagles and even griffon vultures.


There is also other wildlife that you can spot, when you are quiet and lucky. Such as; bore, dear, squirrels, martens, weasels and snakes.