Balancing the elements within us, helps to be more harmonious and centered within ourselves. Developing inner security , giving us more freedom to become our true selves and experience our lives and relationships to the fullest.

The rituals and medicines we offer at Alauzet are reinforcing our intentions, deepening our connection with nature, and our authentic presence.


Come and sweat your prayers!

The Temazcal is a sweat lodge from the Mexican Toltec Tradition. It is a ceremony of purification and rebirth. Symbolizing the womb of mother earth, we enter her belly with reverence to connect with the elements, our essence and the spirit realms. It is a beautiful and divine space dedicated to introspection, healing and celebration!

The heat from the hot stones, and steam from herbal plants promote physical well-being. It strengthens the heart and detoxifies the body, by effectively removing toxins through sweating. And lowering cortisol levels, helping you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.

As a ritual and spiritual practice, it encourages reflection and introspection. Integrating the body-mind it allows you to see deep into your heart and spirit. Releasing stuck emotions and energies through the movement generated by the heat, prayer, song and silence.


Kambo is a very strong cleansing medicine that comes from the secretion of a frog from the Amazon jungle. This purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is a natural antibiotic that is very effective in the treatment of various conditions such as: addictions, infections, depression, lymes disease, migraines, infertility, cancer, hepatitis, organ diseases and chronic pain.

Kambo’s medicine also cleanses negatively charged energies which deny us a balanced and peaceful life. When the emotional toxins are washed away we will perceive more lightness and clarity, helping us to realign with our heart and purpose.

The session is personal and is held with a lot of personal care and guidance. Providing a safe space where you can surrender to the experience.

Energetic Re-alignment

When you are looking forward to a deeply relaxing and revitalizing experience, a reconnective healing session can really do miracles!

You just lay down to receive the healing frequencies and enjoy. During the session you go into a deeply soothing, dream-like state. Life force energy starts moving through the body, removing blocked and stagnant energy. Allowing you to connect with your essence, inner strength and body-mind wisdom. Re-establishing balance and promoting well-being on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Internal Family Systems Therapy

The beliefs you hold about yourself and the world, your emotions, your memories, and your habits all can influence mental and physical health. These connections between what is going on in your mind and heart, and what is happening in your body, create the psycho-emotional roots of health and disease.When we have unintegrated emotions and trauma we become stressed and dysfunctional, creating conflict and polarization within ourselves and relationships.

This session supports to understand why we think, behave and feel the way we do. And to acknowledge and accept these parts with compassion so they can be freed from their extreme roles. This is when true transformation, healing and integration can occur.