The Vision Quests is a rite of passage that has been conducted by indigenous cultures since the beginning of times. It's a ceremony to mark the transition from one phase of life to another. It gives you the opportunity to close a cycle in order to move on to the next with strength and clarity. It's a great way to awaken your inner truth and connect with your higher self and nature, to receive guidance from the divine and to overcome fears and self-imposed limitations

One of the most profound benefits of a quest is the discovery of who you are through exploring the patterns in your life. It is a journey inward; by stepping outside of your daily routines and immersing yourself into the unknown wild nature you will open the door to your soul. Fasting, ceremony, meditation, dance and prayer are a part of the physical, mental and emotional purification that will allow you to gain power and clarity

We will spend three days and nights of solitude in nature while fasting on water only. This is a transformational journey you will take together within a small group so we can support and motivate each other. Although you will be in solitude in the forest, knowing that others are not too far away will be a comforting idea.

Upcoming dates group Quest:

June 1 - 8 - Full Moon Vision Quest Reserve your spot
July 10 - 17 - Halve Moon Vision Quest Fully Booked
August 28 - Sept 4 - Full Moon Vision Quest Reserve your spot

Private Vision Quest:

You can also organize a private Quest when these dates are not convenient, or you prefer to go on a private journey by yourself, with your partner or family.

Reconnect with Nature to transform and expand your reality

This program is based on the medicine wheel and the four elements; air, water, fire and earth. Integrating the four quadrants of life will help you to upgrade your reality on all levels. The air element connects you to your mental self, the water element to your emotional self, the fire element to your spiritual self, and the earth element connects you to your physical self.

All four aspects are equally important. To be able to stand in your power and be in balance with yourself and your environment it is important to raise your frequency on all levels. You can only gain emotional harmony, mental clarity and spiritual power when your have a healthy relationship with your physical body.

Therefore we guide you thoroughly with a specially designed preparation program. This allows you to heal and integrate on a nervous system level. Gaining maximum benefits, and to make most of the time and energy you dedicate to this sacred journey

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Your Guide

Melissa Noordervliet is a well rounded and highly educated healer and transformational process guide. Her passion for health, wellbeing and spiritual connection was present from an early age. Motivating her to achieve a solid educational background within both academic and holistic specializations related to personal and social development. She holds a Masters degree in Social and Behavioural Sciences and a certification in IFS Therapy. And studied the ancient wisdom of shamanic medicines in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.

Melissa is an adventurer, and loves to explore unknown territory. As a young woman she started travelling to Asia and The Americas to feel the freedom of adventure. It is through her personal processes that she gained her knowledge and wisdom. As she became enamoured with the indigenous cultures she encountered on her journeys it became clear that her fate is to guide others on their healing journey./p>

Her time spent with indigenous teachers and elders continues to gift her profound skills with which to hold space and guide her clients in the ancient ceremonial traditions of the Vision Quest, Energetic Therapies, Meditation, Temazcal and Kambo medicine.

Her life is spent between Amsterdam, Mexico and her Nature Retreat Alauzet in France. Bridging the gap between modern living and the connection with nature.

Melissa understands what it means to embark on the journey of personal evolution. Her deep appreciation of this process is what gives her a gentle and grounded quality. She finds true joy in guiding people to find their own strength in an authentic, and non-judgmental manner. It is this and her strong presence that allows for her clients to feel supported while moving through their personal transformation. Feeling safe and a sense of joy while stepping outside of their comfort zone and into wellbeing

Group Vision Quest: € 1.690

You will have a private room at Alauzet during your preparation and integration time.

Friends or couples who stay together in one room will receive a discount of €200 p.p

Private Vision Quest: Starting at € 4.900

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